November 6, 2016

Flip flopping

Grand Canyon

Go left.

No, go right.

No, go over.

No, go under.

If that’s four people, someone has to make a decision, and we’re off.

If that’s a flip flopping customer, we’re in trouble.

At least, we are if we run at their clock-speed, if we change tactics with every flip.

If it feels like a washing machine, realise that flipping and flopping is their standard operating procedure, and slow down your own decision making cycle. For all the zig-zagging, accommodate the general direction, navigate by that. Keep moving forward. Get everything ready, and cement the details as soon as it, and they, are firm.

Sure, keeping things loose is more effort, and a way bigger task than working with a decisive customer, but it’s a lot less work than chasing around after every zig and zag.

And when the music stops, you’re still at the front.

Skippy strategy: Stop chasing around, keep moving forward.