May 8, 2016

Getting it done


Big decisions often come with all kinds of anguish. They take time and emotional energy that sucks attention and life out of everything they touch. And the bigger the decision … the more they touch … the greater the impact of not making the decision.

And then, it’s done.

Decision made.

Move on.

Now, at last, you can use your time, energy and attention somewhere else, somewhere productive.


Except decisions need to be implemented or they’re just another kind of procrastination. And the emotional energy still sucks, and the attention, and the time. Eating away.

Worst case: a year from now, decision made, nothing was done and energy, attention and interest have left the building.

When you make decisions, put plans into actual action straight away, and use the emotional energy somewhere else.

Skippy strategy: Get it decided, then get it done.