March 29, 2021

Go slower


It’s a choice thing. To go faster or to go slower. Faster or slower. Fast, slow.

The fast way is to make decisions quickly based on the facts as you see them, taking advice and listening to opinions on the way, and then getting on with getting on and dealing with the cards you’ve dealt yourself.

The slow way comes two ways. One, just taking your time – investigating and analysing and listening and ruminating – and the decision will come when you’re good and ready. Maybe this is the good kind of slow. The other, also when you’re good and ready, this time because you’ve kicked the can down the road, around the corner, left it in the verge and only picked it up when the world is screaming at you. Do nothing until you have to do something.

It’s up to you.

Skippy strategy: Not making a decision means you just go slower