April 6, 2017

Good to know


You’d rather know now. Good or bad. No hanging around. No suck-it-and-see if the decision’s already made. No waiting. No more chasing and chasing whilst they get up the courage or wait for the stars to align or deal with everything else on their to-do list. You’d just rather know. Right?

That they’ve taken another job, that the money is too much, not enough, that the other option is better, that they love what you’re doing, that they are ready to commit, that they’ll let you know on Tuesday, that it’s a No, it’s a Yes, that the product isn’t ready, that they forgot, that the issue they’re wrestling with is x or y.

When you’re the one waiting, you’d rather just know, so you can act.

When you’re making them wait, remember how it feels, and let them know.

Skippy strategy: Act how you’d like to be treated.