August 10, 2019

Harps play


Finally! The decision.

After all the prevarication, the obfuscation, the delaying tactics, the laziness, the focusing in every other place whilst the world dangled waiting for the decision. The decision. Ahh-ahh. The choir sings and the harps play.

And now we can get on with all the things that were waiting on the nod. The putting plans into action. The go-aheads. The cascade of things that can now be done.

And we can put behind us all the hanging about. The checking in on (lack of) progress. The second guessing. The, will they ever decide? water cooler conversations.

All it took was the right person being in the right frame of mind for one moment.

Which makes you ask … why all the messing about? Why not make the decision as soon as possible rather than as late as possible?

Skippy strategy: Make the decision so everyone can get on with it.