June 12, 2020

Have the arguments


Difficult questions demand difficult conversations. Should we hire this person, fire them, change suppliers, invest in the new product, enter a new market, exit one, sign on new partners, shake hands on the deal.

If the decision is entirely yours, and the impact is entirely personal, the questions may not be so difficult and and conversations not so challenging. As soon as other players sit at the table however, you want the most robust debate possible. You want to squeeze it for conflict, examine the cracks, find the weaknesses, be pushed and prodded in all your soft assumptions. 

Why? Because you’ll make a better decision. Few decisions are binary, there’s nuance everywhere, and debate leads to better informed, more thoroughly thought through, smarter, keener, more elegant solutions that almost any of us can come up with on our own.

Skippy strategy: Make sure you have the arguments … before the decision.