February 10, 2016

Here’s a blue one


Some people are switched on and engaged. They take things in and take them on. They ingest, digest, absorb and assimilate. They’re the ones we like to deal with, who listen, have an opinion, take advice, give advice, adjust where necessary, mean it when they say it, are wide open … interested and interesting.

Some people, not so much.

We come in to contact with both, we get to choose where to spend our time.

When someone asks for advice, you can tell in a sentence or two if they’re type one or two. Type One sucks in the input, and gets the meaning of dialogue. Number Two glazes over gets on a hobby horse.

Type One asks “What colour?”

Type Two wants it blue. No point suggesting yellow.

Skippy Strategy: Work for Type Ones, hire Type Ones, be a Type One.