April 1, 2019

Hoary problems


We all have hoary problems that never go away.

Like the troublesome supplier who does good work, eventually, but leaves you guessing between infrequent updates. Or the team member who goes walkabout, leaving everyone else to pick up the ball up when things need doing. Or the customer what needs, needs, needs this to be tweaked and that to be tweaked and these terms to be changed and that extra piece of documentation, oh, and this other small thing. Or the partner who always seems to come out best whenever there’s a 50:50 call.

We all have problems. And when we do, we either choose to leave them in place to trip  us up next time, or we choose to do something about it. Like find a new supplier, colleagues, customer, partner.

Skippy strategy: Leave those problems hoary, or cut them down and move them out the way.