October 31, 2020

Hot issues


When we’re making decisions, when we’re asking other people to make decisions, we tend to talk about it. We like to talk about all the options, we love to talk about all the benefits, we even talk about what will happen when Tab A eventually meets Slot B.

Compared with all the technicalities and upside chat, we rarely talk about the downsides. Actually, it seems we actively avoid talking about the downside – at least whilst all the people are in the room.

Change that.

As the questions. What’s holding us/you back from making this decision? What risks do we/you see? What haven’t we talked about that is nagging away at the back of our/your mind?

Get it out on the table. Two reasons: you’ll know what’s in the way; and now you know, you can address the issues.

Skippy strategy: Put the hot issues in plain sight.