August 9, 2018

How you evaluate


You’re busy, a project comes in, now what?

Capability – can we do it? If you can’t, and you can’t learn how, cut the cord.

Capacity – can we fit it in? It’s tempting to ignore reality, but if you’re too busy right now, you have to say No, move it (or something else) to not-right-now – because too busy (which you know in your gut) is too busy. If the work fits the work flow …

Profitability – does is make commercial sense? Profit can come in many forms other than money, so the question is really about adding enough of any kind of value to your side of the equation. If your sitting on the borderline …

Strategic Upside – same ol’ same ol’ might keep you entertained but doesn’t move the needle. Something with a strategic upside can change how you evaluate capacity and profit.

Skippy strategy: Don’t jump blindly to a Yes.