May 16, 2024

If the answer is …


If the answer is Yes, tell them.

If the answer is No, tell them.

If the answer is Not Now, tell them, and tell them when it will be back on the docket.

If the answer is Maybe, tell them and tell them the parameters that are in play. Tell them the issue is time or price or availability or busyness or quality or location or whatever it is. If you’re not sure, tell them you’re still working out the details. If you’re consulting more widely, tell them that. Tell them how you’ll make your decision and the timeframes you’re working towards. Tell them … everything you can without compromising the situation.

Which might seem like a lot of telling.

And it is, but it’s no more than you want to be told when you’re on the other side of the table.

Skippy strategy: Tell them what you can. Grow trust.