June 9, 2017

If you’re Bob


It can be hard work coming to a decision.

All the arguments and doubt and evidence and hunches played out over weeks and months. The cul de sacs negotiated, the opinions canvased, the counter-indications countered. The advisor’s advice, the risk-averse’s risk aversion and Geronimo’s gung-ho-ness.

After it all … fully considered (even with a gut-full of nothing more than gut-instinct) … the decision.

Someone has to make it. That person is you. Your responsibility. Your decision.

And after that … pushing past the incumbents’ intransigence, the vested interests, the status quo comforts, the administrative inertia, the second-guessers, the think-againers … into action.

On your way … make sure to listen, pay attention, deal with what you find … but don’t be beaten back by the passive resistance of inaction, disagreement or alternative realities.

If you’re Bob, make decisions, make them happen.

Skippy strategy: Who is the decision maker?