July 22, 2018

In all the woodwork


The danger: we insert ourselves and allow ourselves to be inserted into every loop. All things pass over our desk, nothing moves without our added value, no one makes any decisions without our involvement, everything advances but only at the pace we give each bit. We’re so integrated, we’re in all the woodwork.

Which sounds so ridiculous no one would allow it to happen. But it does, all the time – we have an opinion and we’re not afraid to use it, we can add some sparkle and we make sure that we do, we’ve learned by our mistakes but we save our people from learning from theirs.

The final nail … when we make small those who act on their own.

Now, everyone links us in. And there’s no initiative, and we’re one of those organisations that take their sweet time with every decision.

Skippy strategy: Get out of the way.