June 10, 2016

In the pot


Everyone has an opinion.

Some are expert – like lawyers. Some, not so much.

But there’s only one decision maker.

They throw opinions in the pot, add the spicy debate of people who care, and make their mind up.

Win or lose, the organisation travels together.

Except …

No spice … means bland decisions.

Or … she-who-spoke-last or he-who-spoke-loudest syndrome means a decision maker who swings in the wind.

Or … when advisors who know little and see less have a lock on the decision maker’s ear.

Or … blindly accepting the opinions of (maybe well paid) outsiders who have no jeopardy and no skin in the game. Who opine and run.

Everyone benefits for a second and third opinion. Some opinions will always carry more weight than others. And it’s the decision makers job to make active decisions.

Skippy strategy: Don’t mess with the recipe: pot, stir, spice, decide.