September 28, 2020

Inappropriate behaviour


With inappropriate behaviour, the worst thing you can do is let it slide. Next worst, go off half cocked. 

When you have to call some one or some group out on inappropriate behaviour, be sure of your ground. Your ground? That the territory is mapped out, that the rules are clear and that the behaviour is well recognised and, if possible, well documented.

After that, dispassion is best. No ranting, no raving. Just … here’s what we see, here’s why that looks bad, and, what are we missing? In other words, give them a chance to look at the same things you can see and add commentary that might mitigate, change interpretations and perspectives, or accept with good grace.

After that, play it out. Still dispassionate, still evidence based, but with the will to see things through to their conclusion.

Skippy strategy: Deal with inappropriate behave quickly, fairly, robustly.