September 25, 2018

Inoculate the plan


The plan is set. After all the conversations and deliberations and prevarications you have a nearly-nearly decision. Everyone is getting on board and, despite the early nay-saying, confidence in the do-ability and obviousness of the chosen route is higher than anyone imagined at the beginning when each direction seemed to attract as many vociferous advocates as all the others.

Hold on for one more minute.

Despite appearances, there are still doubts – it’s just that everyone can see the direction of travel and is getting on board for the sake of cohesion.

So take one more session with your team to play a scenario and ask a question. Looking ahead one year from now, imagine the project was a disaster. What was the cause?

This one exercise releases consciences and provides a bucket of un(der)considered risks to toughen up the plan.

Skippy strategy: Look back to inoculate the plan.