May 1, 2016

Into the mountains


Every project gets challenged by competing demands. When the agreed route, after progress but before certainty, is questioned by shifting priorities or loud voices.

The first decision is whether the ultimate goal has changed.

If yes, reset your course, put the old destination out of mind and do what you have to do.

If no, it’s a decision about route. Can you still get where you’re heading via the new demands?

If yes, is the new path an interesting diversion that curves back on route, or a distraction that might just lead deep into the mountains?

If a diversion, ok then, looks good.

If a distraction, then the goal is the priority. Turn back the way you were headed.

How do you know which it is? From here, can you see where the path curve back?

Skippy strategy: Forks in the road, however pretty, look a lot like forks in the road.