June 4, 2023

It may be dark


Travelling together, it’s likely that you’ve agreed the destination, the route, the mode of transport and the timing. The details may be dark, but the lumpy decisions are already in play. Even with a tight schedule, you’ve probably left flexible space for unexpected or exciting diversions.

You’re companions, not driver and blind-folded passenger.

As with travellers, so with organisations.

Product development – work it out together. Where we going, what’s on the road map, where are the intermediate steps and stops. Take the story on the road; share it with your team and customers. Leave room for bright ideas and feedback. Collaborate with partners. Share the vision. Bring everyone with you.

Organisational development, departmental, personal, strategic – pool your smarts, draw the map and share with everyone who needs to know.

What you want are willing companions, not confused passengers.

Skippy strategy: Share your thinking and bring everyone with you.