August 17, 2017

It’s fixable


There are questions to which you don’t and can’t know the answer before you try things out. There are decisions, x or y, that lead you down one path and away from the other – and without taking the steps, you can’t know which way is wisest.

What to do?

When there’s no way to know in advance, go with your gut, follow your hunch, take a guess – whatever you call it – just get moving and figure out what happens next as you go along. You’ll achieve more and learn faster by taking steps, even missteps, than by sitting on your indecision and thinking through the unthinkable.

When you can’t know up front, get going and work it out. For the odd time when you prove yourself wrong, it’s fixable.

Skippy strategy: Take a guess, get moving, figure the rest out when you get where it takes you.