August 22, 2019

Its own path


The moment of decision making can be the culmination of months of not taking the decision. That’s many months of actively working on the problem, seeking out the information, taking counsel, maybe running a little scared of the responsibility or the uncertainty or repercussions, many months of gut feelings and kinda sorting knowing what has to be done but not being comfortable with what it means.

And then it’s done.

Now, a few weeks later, it’s worth looking back. It’s worth taking a moment whenever someone says something about how things are better, clearer, improved, progressing.

It’s worth taking those moments and storing them in your “remember this next time the decision is difficult” file, because it’s always like this. It’s always better after the decision. Whether you went for blue or green, clarity makes its own path.

Skippy strategy: Making the decision normally makes the decision right.