November 16, 2020

Judgement call


Sometimes you have no choice but to make a choice. The deadline is now and it definitively has to be left or right, green or red, up or down.

Whilst pondering the choice, take five seconds to work out what would happen if you had to, absolutely, nothing you could do about it, switch to the other side in a week or a month or a year. Sure, there’d be some sunk costs, and the loss of time or face. But … could you do it? If you had to? The answer, almost every time in your career, will be Yes.

One other piece of fuel. If the choice was obvious, you’d have a made the decision already.

Which means – it’s a judgement call and that there’s an escape hatch waiting down the track. Choose with no fear.

Skippy strategy: Most decisions are high impact and lower risk than you think.