December 29, 2017

Killing Maybes


A Yes … means a commitment is given and expectations are set. Wheels you can’t see turn gears you don’t know, people you’ve never met set themselves for the top of the hour and everything coordinates to your word.

A Yes means action.

A No … means no. The end of the affair and everyone moves on to something else, even if they have to live with disappointment.

A No means alternative action.

A Maybe … means everything hanging for a little bit longer. No one’s committed, but no one’s released from commitment either. The clock turns but nothing is decided and everyone waits, waits, waits, frustrated for a sign.

A Maybe means a holding pattern, wasted time, someone casting around for something that might make a difference.

Making progress means trading in Yeses and No’s, and getting used to killing Maybes.

Skippy strategy: There’s no Maybe in making progress.