February 20, 2021

Know your number


On the upside, there are great options. Contracts we could win, places we could go, winnings we could bank, extraordinary people we could bring on to the team – the question is how much do you want them and what are you willing to put on the line to pull them off?

On the downside, there are grades of misery. Contracts you’re stuck with, the wrong place to be, busted flushes, ordinary people proving to be less than ordinary – the question is how bad does it have to be before you abandon?

The answers are only grey. No absolutes. No perfect wisdom.

What do you do? Prepare. Know your number – a cost that is too high to pay for the upside glory, too harmful to continue to accept the downside misery.

And when you hit it, close the book and move on to the next thing.

Skippy strategy: Know your number.