May 24, 2019

Leaps of understanding


Sitting here, with all the talents assembled in the room, with the years of experience and access to almost boundless information … we’re not sure. We have a good idea of some of the pieces, we know there are some blanks, and we have some belief.

Assuming we don’t want to park it, what’s the best way of gathering the missing pieces?

The best way to fill in the blanks and to turn faith into knowledge is along the same route we have to take from any planning stage to any finished state.

Get on with it. Build the actual product. Proof of concept if we want to, prototype, alpha, beta, put all the pieces in play and walk the problem around the spiral. Learn-along. Keep getting closer, keep adding, keep turning leaps of faith into leaps of understanding.

And when we’re done, party, then keep going.

Skippy strategy: Get started.