September 15, 2016

Left hangin’


The decision is made.

It affects everyone.

Becky knows about it, Bill knows. The news is squeaking out the edges but nobody, including Becky and Bill, is quite sure who else knows or even who’s supposed to know. Every now and again, two people are talking and there’s that moment … that look … Do they know? Do they know that I know?

And the thing is, everyone should know.

Not theoretically. But actually. So they can do their job and give impact to the decision. So things can change the way they’re supposed to change. Based on the decision.

But … for no good reason … it’s been left hangin’.

That’s not smart.

The final part of making a decision is communicating it. If everyone needs to know, tell them. Take control of the story, fill the vacuum.

Give the definitive, actionable, version.

Skippy strategy: Stop the rumours, control the story.


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