August 12, 2018

Let alone a decision


Find yourself in a bunch of meetings? And a bunch of those rumbling along with no clear direction? And a bunch of those coming to an end when everyone is board but without any hint of a conclusion, let alone a decision, let alone an action, let alone any sense of urgency?

What to do about it?

Work out who owns the meeting. Hint, it’s the person who called the meeting (trumped by the person most responsible for the outcome).

Start with an end in mind – that outcome … what is it? What objective or purpose does the meeting serve? Without that, you have yourselves a talking shop – may as well sell tea and cakes.

Finish up with decisions and actions: we will go North; Mary has taken on this action, Mark has taken on this other one, deadline is next Tuesday.

Skippy strategy: The who and the what and the when.