March 4, 2017

Let’s do that


The end of the discussion.

We’ve talked about up and down, left and right, in and out. After all that, there’s consensus over next steps. None of it worked to the final detail. None of it crystal. But clear enough, directional enough, as much about what we won’t do as what we will. Enough of a plan to get us moving.

What happens next is up to you.

There will be some who want to dig deeper, know more, plan better. Who want to double check and second guess and eliminate risk and work out everything before they do anything. How much, when, who, where, how much, how much, how much?

There will be some who dream the dream and do nothing about it.

Some who’ll be petrified by fear of failure.

And then, there’s some, who’ll say, “Ok, let’s do that.” And get on with it.

Skippy strategy: Good enough is good enough.