December 8, 2023

Live with guesses


When resources are tight, you can hope … or you can work the problem.

Hoping is choosing the bliss of ignorance. When you kinda-sorta know what’s going on, when you’re in touch with the direction (north or south) things are travelling, you intuit whether and when you can make commitments. You live on adrenaline and imagination and you live with guesses, fear, and that Sunday-night feeling. You might like this.

Working the problem is living with your spreadsheet. When you know about every up and every down and trap every movement in your model, when you make daily or hourly updates and manage every change. You live on information and communication and are all over every single movement of every little thing. Everyone else prefers this.

Dealing with dragons … or … our plan to cope.

More clarity, more structure, more reality – just from writing things down.

Skippy strategy: Work the problem.