July 23, 2019

Loop around


In the moment, when the world is crashing down (or, more likely, someone wants something quickly that would take more time to do properly), it’s easy and practical and compelling to do whatever is necessary to fix the issue (or please the someone). It solves the immediate requirement and makes the world a tiny bit quieter.

Thing is … the short cuts you took, the quick-fire decisions you made despite the discussions you didn’t have, the pragmatic rather than proactive choices … are setting themselves in concrete.

And what works in the moment doesn’t always work the day after tomorrow. The things you suspect whenever something goes wrong, the awake-at-night issues, the technical debt.

Loop around. Without guilt. As soon as you can.

Rework and repoint and replaster so there’s not only no cracks, but there’s no reason to worry.

Skippy strategy: When you know you left it behind … go back.