October 17, 2023

Make no decisions


If we did this thing … what would happen? What would the customer say, would we be able to deliver, would it go up or down, how would it affect this other thing?

When the answers are clear, it’s easy to know what to do. But when they’re ambiguous … what then?

First … play Speculation. It’s a game for any number of players and the only qualification is the ability to argue based on opinions. Make no decisions.

Second … stop playing Speculation. Accept that not making decisions is a greater danger than making the wrong one and course correcting later. Make a clear decision – one way or the other.

Third … play CourseCorrect. Look at the reality the decision throws out, test and measure, examine the evidence … adjust course.

Do the best decision making job you can and deal with the reality that comes next.

Skippy strategy: Decide, test and measure, course correct.