August 1, 2020

Make the call


The thing about decision making, as the decision maker, is that you have to make the actual decision.

Sometimes it’s a no brainer. The evidence is overwhelming and there’s no real decision to make, it’s just signing up for the clear and obvious winner – like ice cream over vinegar. When it’s more balanced, when the arguments on either side hold weight, that’s when it counts.

One option is to go with a vote (avoid the decision), another is to allow yourself to be persuaded by the most compelling or loudest or last voice you hear (abdicate).

Real decision makers work it out – they don’t allow themselves to get sold – they work the problem with their team until everything that can be known is known, no surprises, no hidden opinions. They mine for conflict, get it all on the table, and make the call.

Skippy strategy: Get it all on the table.