September 16, 2017

Make the decision


Yep, it would be lovely to have more information and more time. To cogitate the complexities and connectedness of things. To make sure that this decision is the absolutely, verifiably, indisputably, unchallengeably the RIGHT CHOICE to make for today, for tomorrow and forever.

Thing is … to do that the way you want … might just take forever itself. And, given that all we’re talking about here is effectively nothing – a widget – why would you bother. What’s more, whilst you dither and wait for the planets to align, everybody else has to wait around too; sitting on their hands wondering what’s taking you so long, and … erm … why you can’t seem to make a decision, any decision, good or bad, ever.

Not many decisions are that hard or that important. Get used to making them. Quickly.

Make it now. Don’t put it off. Get it done.

Skippy strategy: Make the decision.