February 7, 2023

Making changes


In the moment, especially in the last moment, it’s pretty easy to get everyone focused and motivated to overcome the challenge. Maybe it’s a blue-moon firefight, maybe an external deadline, maybe it’s existential. When the going gets properly tough, we pull ourselves together and put it together as everyone flexes to get the thing done.

Then, on any given Tuesday, with everyone back working on their individually organised list of priorities and pet projects, we drift apart. Organising the meeting is hard, organising the effort is harder. Actually making progress on anything other than getting through the day feels like a fantasy.

Or not. Prioritising changes you don’t have to make on a deadline that isn’t imposed from a higher or external power is an act of choice. Put another way, a more management-speak way, it’s an act of leadership.

Skippy strategy: To make changes means prioritising making changes.