October 20, 2022

Manage their careers


It’s natural that the good people you hire will apply their talents and work ethic to develop their skills and increase their value to the team. It’s also natural that they’ll notice this and look for advancement. Sometimes in money, somethings in position, often in both.

It’s natural that you’ll want your good people to keep doing a good job (although not necessarily the same one forever). It’s also natural that the job they no longer want is still something you need.

What now?

Do you keep the person and redefine the role to suit their ambition? Try to accommodate their desire and recruit someone else for their old job? Or do you wish them luck and find someone else who is motivated by the role you have?

Obviously, it depends. But it depends more on you than you might think.

Skippy strategy: It’s not your job to manage their career.