February 1, 2016

Many stupid things


The roads to glory and misery look pretty much the same and most times there’s no way of knowing which you’re on – up a ladder, in a hurricane, making sure there’s power to the street lamps. Every tale of success is filled with moments of doubt, battling the elements, “is this the stupidest thing I’ll ever do, or just another war story we’ll roll out to new recruits forever?”

There’s p-lenty of people to tell you you’re crazy. You’re working too hard, they wouldn’t take the risk, the world’s not ready, it’ll take too long, it will never work, nobody cares anyway. It’s just not worth it.

Some of them will be friends and people you trust. Worth your respect.

So what’s a boy to do?

Take it all in, look in the mirror, question your reasoning, take a deep breath, and … make your own decision.

Skippy Strategy: Don’t mistake hubris for confidence. When you’re thinking is clear, commit.