November 23, 2020

Maybe not


Sometimes you just don’t know and you’re dealing with maybes. Maybe it will take this long, and maybe less or more. Maybe it will cost this much, and maybe not. Maybe we can do it, aaaannnnd maybe we can’t.

In an organisation that likes commitment and accountability, that likes to put things in a checklist and likes checking them off, maybes don’t go down too well.

Which results in … maybe we should move ahead with this, and maybe not.

Which really means, we’re stuck.

So pin down what you can. What’s the worst that could happen? How much time or people or cash will it take to find out? What are the stage gates? Can we turn it into incremental decisions as the maybes become definitive?

Skippy strategy: If you’re looking for an off ramp, this is it. If you wan’t to say Yes, find a small one.