September 27, 2020

Most impacted


In our excitement, in our haste to share the news, in our healthy desire to bring everyone into the loop, sometimes we forget to bring the right people inside the circle first. The right people? The one’s who’ll be impacted, the one’s who’ll work with the new recruit, the ones who’ll have to use the new process or get involved in the new partnership.

Wherever there’s an impact, there should be a briefing before the news goes on general release. Whether it’s to one person of five hundred, to a popular group or everyone’s most hated. They deserve the respect.

The alternative? March into the town hall and tell everyone all at once. You’ll see the surprise, the shock, the creeping realisation in one section of the audience. You’ll also see the disbelief that you could be so uncaring in another.

Skippy strategy: Tell first the people who’ll be most impacted.