November 2, 2020

Moving people on


Here’s a piece of advice everybody gives … choose your team wisely.

It fits easily into the category, easy to say and difficult to do. We try. We make mistakes. When that happens – when they don’t have the skills or the commitment or the work ethic or they’ve lost the room or there’s no fit or their values don’t mesh or they’re heading north when everyone else is heading south – here’s some more great advice … deal with it.

Dealing with it always means raising the issue, talking it out, setting out actions. Dealing with it sometimes means moving people on.

Teams are more complex, teams involve humans that are way more complex, and teams and team building are subject to the same rules as everything else. Make the decision, live with it, deal with it if it turns out bad.

Skippy strategy: Dealing with it sometimes means moving people on.