February 7, 2019

Much preparation


At some point during every project, someone questions how much preparation is necessary before the actions starts. Too much, and enthusiasm turns to cynicism and motivated action oriented people get busy on other projects. Too little, and you’re setting yourself up for chasing after a bolting horse. 

So how much? The easy answer is … enough. 

Enough to give you the confidence that these people have the ability to head off in the right direction and deal with all the things they can reasonably be expected to encounter.

Which puts the focus on ”these people” (do they have the chops, can they be trusted (in every sense), and are they motivated?) the “right direction” (is that direction clear?), “deal with” (can they execute?) and “reasonably expected” (have you all thought it through and agreed the mile markers to look out for?).

With confidence – get on with it.

Skippy strategy: Prepare enough.