July 28, 2019

Murky advice


Action oriented as you are, you want to get on with it. You’ve made the decision and as far as you’re concerned the time to get moving is now. Problem is … no one else agrees.

Two things to consider:

– Is it a good decision? It’s a judgement call, your judgement call, so make sure you’ve made your judgement having considered (as in, properly considered rather than dismissed after a less than honest assessment) the facts as they’re known and the opinions of your advisors.

– Is the time now? Timing is as tricky as making the right call in the first place. It may be better to wait until you or your team have more time, or the market is ready, or the technology has matured, or the numbers have turned more in your direction.

Skippy strategy: If you’re getting murky advice – be honest with your gut – and make the final call.