August 31, 2016

News flow


Having agonised for months whilst the entire organisation meandered along without clarity, at last, the decision is made. (Man, that took too long. Boy, did it hurt us.)

Now what are we going to do about it?

We could let it trickle out. Slowly let everyone in on the secret by weaving clues into emails and dropping hints at the end of corridor conversations. It’s one way. It’s the rumour mill way. It’s how most things spread around here. And then the systems and processes will update themselves, by osmosis, normalising the new reality.


Problem is … well, you know, that (tiny) risk of the message being missed entirely, or the meaning being lost in translation, or the systems being wedded to the old ways, or the processes continuing to deliver just they way they did before all that agonising.


Skippy strategy: When it’s decided, let the news flow.