May 9, 2017

Non-decision time


It’s all about making decisions.

Sometimes you create the circumstances where they make themselves – the data is clear, the consensus is strong, the right fork is clearer and quicker than the left.

Sometimes they’re a wrangle – the data is contradictory, opinions are strong but there’s no meeting of minds, all options seem to take you round in circles, your head says blue but your gut feels green.

But either way … the decision it taken.

And so it goes.

Looking back, its a wearisome map of crossroads and decisions, crossroads and decisions. Each one paused over, thought through, fought over?, explained and negotiated.

And sometimes … it’s wears you down.

Wouldn’t it be nice to make non-decisions. To act and react without thought. No process. No explanations.

And you can.

A day, a week. A road trip with no destination, no agenda … no brainer.

Skippy strategy: Carve out some non-decision time.