January 17, 2017

Not sure


When they’re not sure, when it’s a maybe, when it could be this and it could be that … nobody knows where they stand. Is it a Yes or a No, should I paint it blue or green, hire or not, stay or go?

That might be a plus, I suppose, if you value wriggle room and like acting on spec. Most times though, it means a holding pattern whilst things work out.

So … get comfortable or push for a decision? Not sure?

If you don’t decide … hover, use energy doing nothing. Now you’re not only frustrated with them, you’re frustrated with you.

Take the initiative.

If it’s push, you know what to do next. If it’s wait, you can find something else to do.

And if you’re the one they’re waiting for … play nice, tell them it’s push or wait. At least they’ll know

Skippy strategy: Next decision: push or wait.