May 7, 2018

Not urgent


There’s something you need to arrange. Not pressing, nothing that would stop the world turning if it doesn’t happen, but something that needs to be sorted before the opportunity passes. Maybe it’s a meeting to chip out the strategy for that nice project you’d like to get involved with, maybe it’s a trip, a call, an email that, if it doesn’t happen, will be one of those things you wish you’d done. Some specific thing that’s not on the emergency list, isn’t a fire-fight, is off the critical path. Good, not urgent.

Most likely, the arranging is the hardest part. Just putting it near enough the top of the to-do list that the invite actually gets sent, the date is actually selected, the groundworks are actually dug.

It takes five minutes to step into the light. So fire up your email and get it done.

Skippy strategy: Make the connection.