June 8, 2024

Now know


When things go wrong there are two thing to do.

Make it right – putting things straight might be sticking plaster, could be a systemic fix. Often involves ‘fessing-up – setting out everything that happened and what you did and tried to do to sort the situation before it caused issues. It’s a palms-open set of actions and facts: this happened, we tried this, we’re sorting thing out like this.

The solution may be sub-optimal, but you’ll keep their trust and respect.

Learn the lesson – this time had better be the last time. After the fix, go back over the ground to see what could have been spotted, how better you could have reacted, what contingencies need to be put in place.

Make decisions and then follow through on the things you now know you need to do.

Skippy strategy: Learning the lesson means taking action so there’s never a next time.