October 10, 2017

Now, not history


They know. Better than you.

With all your experience and perspective, with your years of working in the field, with the wider understanding of where everything fits and how they’re connected, with all your … seniority … you might think you know better than them. But … nya hah. Not even.

The people who actually do the work, who are out in the field right now, know better than you what it’s like to be in the field right now.

And when you have to gather facts about the field, you have only two real choices: go back out to the field, do the actual work and find out for yourself; or, ask the people who already know.

Of course you’ll triangulate through all that experience and perspective, of course you’ll have an opinion, but your baseline facts have to be from now, not history.

Skippy strategy: Facts are volatile, use fresh ones.