April 19, 2019

Off limits


Some things you and your team do, let’s say, could be better. To which the response might be, nobody’s perfect. But when those things are important and the could is really a should, you have a job to do.

The first task is taking hold of the problem. Lay out the facts, be realistic about where this particular issue sits on the priority list. If it’s high enough … measuring available resources, set the target in collaboration with your team. Are you aiming for good enough, pretty good, a strength, number one? Then get on with it.

When you’ve agreed that carrying on doing what you’ve been doing (and getting what you’ve been getting) isn’t ok, you’ve made a choice to polish things up. Process change doesn’t come from a wish list, it kicks in when the old way is put off limits.

Skippy strategy: Clear expectations, measures, attention and care.