June 5, 2016

On the shoulders


Not many of us make no mistakes.

Oh! Hang on.

Nobody makes no mistakes.

We’re riddled with them. From the day we crawled head first into the chair leg, to this morning, when a T went uncrossed or the shit hit the fan.

The people we’ve trusted. The projects we’ve backed. The rainbows we’ve chased.

Many, many mistakes.

And we can be consumed by them. We can revisit them and obsess over them and be scared and be scarred by them. Once burned twice ice-cold-petrified.

Or we can stand on the shoulders of our mistakes. Use them as a platform. Learn from them. Knowing what we now know, seeing the risks more sharply, with more tools and better understanding and deeper experience.

Not mill stones … stepping stones.

Skippy strategy: Learn from mistakes, and let them go.