April 10, 2024

One or two


If you only interview one candidate, you may have found the next member of your team … but you won’t have any triangulations points or perspective.

If you go for the first supplier meet, you may get the products and services you need … but you won’t be able to benchmark some sound alternatives.

If you autopilot to the first item on the menu, you may get a full belly … but you’ll miss the surprises and delights that your companions and competitors are choosing with relish.

Single choices are quick and easy, and might might might be juuuusst right. But it’s an unnecessary risk when throwing some other hats in the ring is also easy.

No so many that analysis and bureaucracy wave their flag. One or two more interviews, a couple of other supplier meetings, two extra minutes considering the alternatives … then decide.

Skippy strategy: Two hats is better than one.