April 25, 2017

One says left


When one says left but everyone else is swinging to the right, what do you do?

Listen, make a decision, commit.

Listen – what do they know, what does the data tell you (if the data says left it doesn’t matter what anyone says, it’s left), is their opinion built on experience and substance or blind instinct and sand? Mine to the depths of their leftness. Know what you can know.

Make a decision – whatever happens, something has to happen. Standing still and swivelling your head between options isn’t good for anyone. Gather your sources, take counsel, garner your resolve and choose a direction, one way or the other.

Commit – going this way means not going the other. No hedging. Do whatever it takes to make this way the right way. Eyes up, prepare for the next fork.

Progress rewards progress.

Skippy strategy: Listen, make a decision, commit to making it work.